My approach is to facilitate the uncovering of your greatest potential, allowing you to navigate your life with a sense of confidence and clarity.

I see Astrology as a sacred code of the cosmos. Through this lens, we gather the data that helps us align with our pure essence and create a strong trajectory of prosperity in this lifetime.

My aim is to deliver a more coherent reference point for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and surroundings to help you direct your life in a way that is aligned with your true nature.

It gives me great honor to share this sacred space with you, bringing soul-level context to confirm and validate your most precious desires for a life well-lived.

Sessions with me may result in: 


A rich understanding of your purpose and confidence in your decisions

Ideas for how to best utilize your natural drives and stay aligned on a path of prosperity

The ability to handle the transitions of life with more certainty and trust in your direction

A deeper resonance on your spiritual path of unfolding 


“When you don't follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.”

- Dane Rudhyar


All sessions are held via Skype and recorded for you to reference after our time together. Please review the Terms of Service for Astrology Readings before booking.


Illuminate Your Self

Signature natal chart reading where we identify the prominent elements in your birth chart and discuss how to utilize these drives to create a life of alignment and purpose.

Duration: 60 min

Investment: $90

Illuminate Your Self + Upcoming Transits

Signature natal chart reading, plus a look ahead at major transits in your horoscope and how to best utilize these planetary aspects to move ahead on a beneficial path.

Duration: 90 min

Investment: $125

Clarify Your Path

Natal chart reading plus a focus on the elements in your chart that point to your highest purpose. Working with these energies can help clarify what brings meaning to your life and align you on a path of prosperity.

Duration: 90 min

Investment: $125

Not sure which reading is right for you?

Send me an email describing what you are wanting insight on, and I can make the best recommendation for you.

 Lunar Manifestation New Moon Readings

Lunar Manifestation is a reading that outlines how the upcoming New Moon is affecting you personally, and suggestions for how to harness the energy to bring your desires into being.

Investment: $33

Pay What You Like Transit Reading

A personal email reading about the transit affecting you most within the coming 30 days. You pay what you like after reading is delivered.

Suggested contribution: $15-$40

“My astrology session with Trista was very unique. I felt like I was on the edge of something, and with Trista’s loving guidance and open-nature, I was able to arrive upon some profound self-realisations. I felt safe in her presence to do some “dot-connecting” on thoughts and feelings that had been stirring within my soul. I left the session feeling refreshed, aligned, and empowered. I’d highly recommend Trista for any soul seeking clarity within a safe, inviting, yet exciting container.”
— Kelly Roland, Human Design Guide & Mayan Dreamspell Astrologer
My session with Trista was so enlightening! She gave me insight into events that have happened in my past, which I am finally able to overcome now that I understand why they occurred in the first place. I believe everyone needs to have a reading to better map out your life, and gain a deeper, more meaningful understanding of why you are the way you are. We try so hard to be the best person we can be, but having Trista really gives us some missing pieces of crucial information.
— Kurt Stradtman, Holistic Health Coach



Why use these systems?

Astrology and other personality systems offer a “map” of your psyche and the potentials that are inherent in your character. Becoming aware of these and directing your energy through these channels is a powerful way to acknowledge your reality and manifest a deeply enriching life.

Do I need to “believe” in Astrology?

Esoteric systems are not belief systems. They are not based on you believing in an entity or even one way that the Universe operates. They are mirror reflections of your inner world that help guide you through choices that need to be made and directions to choose on your path in life.

How can I get the most out of an Astrology session?

You’ll receive the highest value from your session by approaching our time together with an open mind and heart, and also with the knowledge that I’m not a “foreteller” who will deliver a message of your fate. When I give readings, I use astrology to help you navigate and gain a deeper understanding of your natural drives so you can use them to make the most significant impact in your life and work in the world.

Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions for Astrology Readings

If you have any other questions before booking, please contact me.