My Alpha Life

My Alpha Life is the coaching business of Matthew Greer. Matthew was so inspired by his personal transformation into a more whole and compassionate man that he wanted to begin offering this type of guidance to fellow men who are struggling with the demands of a modern lifestyle. He chose to focus on men that were the products of domestic misconduct who were repeating this cycle themselves.

My Alpha Life needed an online space that serves as a compassionate and safe space for men to learn what this unique approach to coaching could offer them. Matthew’s 4 Pillars of Health system is a results-based plan that focuses on Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical development. The website was designed to facilitate and generate leads to a free 15-minute phone call with Matthew.


Logo Design

Web Design & Development

Trista came highly recommended to me when I was ready for my project to be brought to life. She was incredibly responsible and brought positive, creative energy to every step of the process and it shines through her work. She took her time getting to know me and the scope of work to create a custom, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that embodies and captures my vision. I highly recommend you work with Trista if you need a teammate you can trust to breathe life into your project and care as much about your vision as you do.
— Matthew Greer, Performance Coach, My Alpha Life