Manifesto for Self-Reclamation

We see a new paradigm presenting itself that is becoming impossible to ignore. All around, the rigid structures of the society we knew is crumbling before our eyes. Many of us have felt this change coming deep in our being for many years and decades. There is no denying it now. The time has come for a great (r)evolution of how we conduct ourselves and create a life.

There are those of us with our antennae up, transmitting a message and knowing the world is moving toward a new way, a higher state of operating that encompasses the full breadth of human capabilities.

The old rules don’t apply anymore. In fact, they simply don’t work.

We are breaking away from the thin sliver of reality that has been fed to us. This is a story you may find familiar, and luckily it is now becoming as dusty and anachronistic as an old typewriter:

“Go to a good college. Earn a piece of paper in a specific field of study. Be trained to be an employee in said field. Hope to land a job that affords you just enough to acquire some material possessions. Stay quiet. Fall in line. Maybe go on some vacations. Then you die.”

If you are still reading this, I’ll bet you know a different reality, or you can at least sense it on the horizon. You know that this version of reality delivered to us almost from birth is a poor one in comparison to what we are actually capable of in a given lifetime.

We crave a life not of struggling or just existing, but fully, intensely BEING. We want to conduct ourselves and our livelihoods in a way that doesn’t merely create more opportunities for greed, but enriches our experience of life and benefits the whole of mankind.

This starts with betterment of Self. Conscious self-improvement is a moral act of fortitude not only for you but to all humans. “Know Thyself” is the wisdom passed down to us from the Oracle of Delphi, and it screams relevant now more than ever. In modern times, we are not taught how to properly explore or even care for ourselves, and it is only when we hold a mirror up to our Truth that we are ready to project our energy outward into the world.

We are, some would say purposefully, surrounded by messages of fear, doubt, hate, and separation. These are avenues of escape from our true nature that keep us operating at our base level instincts only.

We are capable of so much more.

I propose a new philosophy of entrepreneurship. One that includes people who know they have important contributions to be making in this life whether that is guiding others on their own path of transformation, performing services based on their creative work, or disseminating wisdom for the rest of us. Business doesn’t have to be a dirty word, it can be a path to spiritual attunement.

It is time to liberate ourselves from the mass entrainment of our human souls and realize the full potential inherent in each one of us. This doesn’t come merely by philosophy, theory, or just “visioning” it to be so. It requires our participation and shifting our perception to rebuild ourselves by our own rules. By turning our attention inward for the purposes of transformation, we opt-out of the system and the harmful thought patterns it imprints upon us.

We can re-invent entrepreneurship and the world of work to be one of enrichment and nurturing instead of servitude and subordinance to material greed and status. I hope you join me on this path of self-direction and self-evolution, not only for the betterment of your life and livelihood, but the evolution of us all.

With Love,