Transmission 8: Retrograde & Upgrade of Summer 2018

Welcome back to the Liberate Your Self podcast after a hiatus for the retrograde and eclipse season. This podcast is a platform for those of us around the world who are cultivating personal sovereignty in these transitional times to tell our stories of unfolding through metaphysical practices and modalities. This season I’ll be having conversations about astrology, psychedelics, magic and energy work with my upcoming guests that I’m really excited to share with you.

This transmission is a solo show however because I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to season 2 and recap the wild ride that Summer of 2018 took us on and the massive upleveling that came from that. I’m sharing a bit about my take on this and a personal story of extreme synchronicity.

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I hope you enjoy my thoughts and reflections on this season’s experiences.

Mentioned in this transmission: Sarah Bieda