Transmission 7: Hermetic Art & Alchemical Transformation with Seven Bremner


For this transmission I’m joined in esoteric discussion by the Hermetic artist Seven Bremner. Seven is a multi-disciplinary artist who practices the ancient art of psycho-spiritual alchemy. Her work includes surreal oil paintings, spontaneous poetry, and written articles on occult symbolism. She also practices a form of energy medicine called polarity therapy that uses the seven Hermetic principles, specifically that of polarity, to bring balance and integration to the body, mind, and soul.

We talk about the benefits of psycho-spiritual alchemy on one’s path of individuation and the role of these ancient practices in everyday life. And yes, it is a fun and fabulous synchronicity that after recording our conversation I realized that Seven was going to be Transmission 7 of this podcast. I love these winks from the Universe to let us know we’re on the right track!

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