Transmission 6: Subversive Magic & The Power of Love with Sarah Bieda

For Transmission 6 I had a stimulating conversation with my friend Sarah Bieda. Sarah is a consulting sorceress who practices a form of subversive magic technology that is accessible to everyone. She works with visionary humans who have big visions for the world and need a bit of magic counsel to bring it into existence. This form of subversive magic is available to everyone and is not set aside for people who identify as witches or occultists. We have a deep-dive chat about how to use this form of magic and how the value of transmuting traumatic experiences build our confidence and empowerment.

One note about this recording, Sarah is highly empathic and has a sensitive affect on technology. There were quite a few times where she cuts out and the call was even dropped in the middle, but she explains why this happens to her often, just a note to be patient getting through a couple spots in the recording. I feel like it just adds to her mystique.

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