Transmission 9: Evolutionary Astrology & Multi-dimensional Growth with Oli Miezkkonen

Hello and welcome back to the Liberate Your Self podcast. This is a platform for those of us around the world who are cultivating personal sovereignty in these transitional times to tell our stories of unfolding through metaphysical practices and modalities. My guests and I have conversations around astrology, magic, energy work, psychology, and ascension processes so that you can take what resonates for your own path and feel more connected with the great aeon change we are collectively going through.

This transmission I’m joined by the fascinating Oli Miezkkonen who is an evolutionary astrologer from Transylvania, Romania. We get into deep discussion about the moon’s cycles as the easiest way to get started working with astrology, and how our chart can help us identify and live into our multidimensional selves. We also discuss the astro-weather around relational dynamics for Fall of 2018 so be sure to listen all the way through for great tips and in-depth suggestions for how to navigate this season’s energy. I really enjoyed this stimulating conversation with my new friend, and I hope you do as well.