Transmission 11: Plant Intelligence & Unity Consciousness with Tabitha Suzette


My guest for this transmission is the magical Tabitha Suzette. Tabitha is all about herbalism, plant intelligence, and the unity found when embodying the Love vibration. We have a chat about these topics in the face of a mechanistic society and how we can get more in touch with our inner truth through nature. I sought out Tabitha because she is just a wealth of information and high vibes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy our fascinating discussion and hopefully take away some pieces that resonate for your own path.

Just a quick note, Tabitha and I ran into lots of technical snags when we recorded, but we persevered. She was not able to use a mic, just her laptop microphone and I was holed up in my bedroom while leaf blowers were raging outside. I’ve done my best to edit out background noise and make our voices as clear as possible, but please excuse the sound quality and hopefully the wisdom comes through!

Connect with Tabitha online:

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