Transmission 10: Riding the Energetic Waves of Change as an Empath with Audrey Lee

Hello and welcome back to the Liberate Your Self podcast! In this Transmission I have an insightful discussion with the lovely Audrey Lee. Audrey is a self-professed fringe-dweller who has lived an unconventional life and has helpful advice for empaths and sensitives based on her experience, which makes her perfect for this podcast! We get into her most recent awakening to her path of purpose, the energetic and transcendent realms reality, and her plans for getting away from mechanistic society and out into the wilderness to tap into her best work. I’m totally with her on this and I think you will be too after listening to what she has to say.

I also have some announcements about this project I’m excited to share with you today:

I have added new benefits for each tier of patrons on the Liberate Your Self Patreon page. For all patrons I will be providing a monthly astrological forecast so you can navigate the energies and utilize them for your growth on your own path. November is bringing huge shifts in energy and consciousness, most notably with Jupiter entering Sagittarius after a year long underworld journey through Scorpio. The house in your natal chart that holds Sagittarius is the area of your life that will see expansion and illumination over the coming year. You can unlock the November forecast and all important transit information now by pledging $5 or more a month.

Patrons on the $10 and $20 tiers receive personal tarot and astrology readings from me each month as well. Head on over to to find out more and join this growing community of supporters.

I believe in this model of patronage so much that I am passing on 20% or more of all pledges to other creators on Patreon to keep this energetic exchange flowing between us all. Our economy and livelihood is changing rapidly along with all other systems, and I feel this is a magical way to begin circulating energy between us all,  superseding greed and lack mentality.

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