Transmission 12: Anthropocosm & Ancestral Understanding with Selenic

I’m so excited and honored to bring you this conversation with Steven who is known as Selenic online. Steven is an Irish artist, writer, traveler, and deep thinker who is currently spending some time in Vietnam. His projects are presented as Anthropocosmic Expansion online and definitely worth checking out.

In our conversation we get into his own story of coming online in the last few years through astrology and we have a deep discussion about what it means to work with our ancestors and the land we are connected to.

Connect with Steven online:

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Transmission 11: Plant Intelligence & Unity Consciousness with Tabitha Suzette

My guest for this transmission is the magical Tabitha Suzette. Tabitha is all about herbalism, plant intelligence, and the unity found when embodying the Love vibration. We have a chat about these topics in the face of a mechanistic society and how we can get more in touch with our inner truth through nature. I sought out Tabitha because she is just a wealth of information and high vibes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy our fascinating discussion and hopefully take away some pieces that resonate for your own path.

Just a quick note, Tabitha and I ran into lots of technical snags when we recorded, but we persevered. She was not able to use a mic, just her laptop microphone and I was holed up in my bedroom while leaf blowers were raging outside. I’ve done my best to edit out background noise and make our voices as clear as possible, but please excuse the sound quality and hopefully the wisdom comes through!

Connect with Tabitha online:

This podcast is supported by a group of benevolent beings on Patreon. Patrons of the Liberate Your Self podcast receive exclusive content including a monthly astrology forecast as well as personalized tarot and astrology readings from me. To learn more visit Liberate Your Self Podcast on Patreon after the show to join this growing community!

Transmission 10: Riding the Energetic Waves of Change as an Empath with Audrey Lee

Hello and welcome back to the Liberate Your Self podcast! In this Transmission I have an insightful discussion with the lovely Audrey Lee. Audrey is a self-professed fringe-dweller who has lived an unconventional life and has helpful advice for empaths and sensitives based on her experience, which makes her perfect for this podcast! We get into her most recent awakening to her path of purpose, the energetic and transcendent realms reality, and her plans for getting away from mechanistic society and out into the wilderness to tap into her best work. I’m totally with her on this and I think you will be too after listening to what she has to say.

I also have some announcements about this project I’m excited to share with you today:

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I believe in this model of patronage so much that I am passing on 20% or more of all pledges to other creators on Patreon to keep this energetic exchange flowing between us all. Our economy and livelihood is changing rapidly along with all other systems, and I feel this is a magical way to begin circulating energy between us all,  superseding greed and lack mentality.

Connect with Audrey:

Transmission 9: Evolutionary Astrology & Multi-dimensional Growth with Oli Miezkkonen

Hello and welcome back to the Liberate Your Self podcast. This is a platform for those of us around the world who are cultivating personal sovereignty in these transitional times to tell our stories of unfolding through metaphysical practices and modalities. My guests and I have conversations around astrology, magic, energy work, psychology, and ascension processes so that you can take what resonates for your own path and feel more connected with the great aeon change we are collectively going through.

This transmission I’m joined by the fascinating Oli Miezkkonen who is an evolutionary astrologer from Transylvania, Romania. We get into deep discussion about the moon’s cycles as the easiest way to get started working with astrology, and how our chart can help us identify and live into our multidimensional selves. We also discuss the astro-weather around relational dynamics for Fall of 2018 so be sure to listen all the way through for great tips and in-depth suggestions for how to navigate this season’s energy. I really enjoyed this stimulating conversation with my new friend, and I hope you do as well.

Transmission 8: Retrograde & Upgrade of Summer 2018

Welcome back to the Liberate Your Self podcast after a hiatus for the retrograde and eclipse season. This podcast is a platform for those of us around the world who are cultivating personal sovereignty in these transitional times to tell our stories of unfolding through metaphysical practices and modalities. This season I’ll be having conversations about astrology, psychedelics, magic and energy work with my upcoming guests that I’m really excited to share with you.

This transmission is a solo show however because I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to season 2 and recap the wild ride that Summer of 2018 took us on and the massive upleveling that came from that. I’m sharing a bit about my take on this and a personal story of extreme synchronicity.

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I hope you enjoy my thoughts and reflections on this season’s experiences.

Mentioned in this transmission: Sarah Bieda

Transmission 7: Hermetic Art & Alchemical Transformation with Seven Bremner

For this transmission I’m joined in esoteric discussion by the Hermetic artist Seven Bremner. Seven is a multi-disciplinary artist who practices the ancient art of psycho-spiritual alchemy. Her work includes surreal oil paintings, spontaneous poetry, and written articles on occult symbolism. She also practices a form of energy medicine called polarity therapy that uses the seven Hermetic principles, specifically that of polarity, to bring balance and integration to the body, mind, and soul.

We talk about the benefits of psycho-spiritual alchemy on one’s path of individuation and the role of these ancient practices in everyday life. And yes, it is a fun and fabulous synchronicity that after recording our conversation I realized that Seven was going to be Transmission 7 of this podcast. I love these winks from the Universe to let us know we’re on the right track!

Connect with Seven online:

Transmission 6: Subversive Magic & The Power of Love with Sarah Bieda

For Transmission 6 I had a stimulating conversation with my friend Sarah Bieda. Sarah is a consulting sorceress who practices a form of subversive magic technology that is accessible to everyone. She works with visionary humans who have big visions for the world and need a bit of magic counsel to bring it into existence. This form of subversive magic is available to everyone and is not set aside for people who identify as witches or occultists. We have a deep-dive chat about how to use this form of magic and how the value of transmuting traumatic experiences build our confidence and empowerment.

One note about this recording, Sarah is highly empathic and has a sensitive affect on technology. There were quite a few times where she cuts out and the call was even dropped in the middle, but she explains why this happens to her often, just a note to be patient getting through a couple spots in the recording. I feel like it just adds to her mystique.

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Connect with Sarah online:

Transmission 5: Discover Your Purpose

In this transmission I’m letting you in on the process I take with my clients to help them discover their soul’s purpose in this life. I consider my own purpose, or one of them anyway, is to help creative and spiritual entrepreneurs to unearth their inherent talents and move toward offering these to the world. I go through part of my 3 part process for doing this including looking at your natal astrology chart and doing a custom tarot reading to gain some clarity with how to move forward on your path.

I included a PDF download of this process below to have it for reference as you listen and to work through on your own time. 

Download the Discover Your Purpose Guide

Transmission 4: Discover Your Superpowers With Astrologer Deborah Norton

In this episode I have a lively chat with astrologer Deborah Norton who is based in Portland, OR. Deb is both informative and fun with her approach to the science of astrology, and we talk about how you can discover your super powers through you natal chart, the mythology and importance of the dwarf planet Eris, and how the Uranus in Taurus transit can possibly reshape the planet as we know it.

Connect with Deborah online:

Transmission 3: Ascension, Healing, and Community with Clementine

Welcome back for transmission 3 of the Liberate Your Self podcast where we are discussing personal sovereignty in this transitional era. For my first interview transmission I dive right into the deep end of consciousness with the lovely Clementine.

Clementine is an ascension guide, astrologer, writer, and advocate for highly sensitive people who are aware of the shift in our planet's frequency. Aside from writing and acting as a guide, she organizes a community of lightworkers, empaths, intuitives, and awakened beings to share resources and information, heal themselves and others, and educate about the mechanisms of awakening as this world ascends in consciousness.

We get into a deep discussion about growing up with trauma as a sensitive person, our shared experience growing up as self-aware women in Texas, and discuss tactics for how to navigate this new paradigm and work with the fluid nature of life.

Transmission 1: Introductions

Hello and welcome to Transmission 1 of the Liberate Your Self podcast!

In this first episode I’m introducing my intentions for the podcast as a way to cultivate personal sovereignty in these times of immense transition. I’ll be having practical and philosophical conversations with others who are living a self-directed life and co-creating a new reality. Join us as we share our own journeys of unfolding through esoteric philosophy, consciousness expansion, astrology, metaphysics, occult principles and mystical practice.