Gaining greater consciousness of your inner workings is a powerful way to deepen your experience of life.

By discovering how you are fundamentally wired, you’re given the tools to understand why YOU are the most valuable asset on your path and how to live out your destiny in a way that is aligned with your true nature.

As your Mystic Guide, I’ll work to facilitate your personal transformation using the powerful modalities of Astrology and Tarot to help you actualize your full potential and integrate the esoteric parts of your personality with your daily life to bring you relief, peace, and confidence.

Sessions With Me May Result in:

A newfound validation in who you are

Greater confidence to assert yourself in life and simply be your truest self

Self-acceptance and therefore more self-direction in your life

A deep resonance with your inner workings

Why do I repeatedly engage in the same patterns of behavior and mindset?

How can I better understand my relationships with time, my surroundings, others, myself?

How can I be better prepared for upcoming events in my life?

The ancient art of Astrology can help illuminate these burning questions through the use of archetypes as it relates to your personality.

During your reading, we’ll shine a light on your inner Self, identify the major drives, or energies, playing out in your personality, and how you can best express these in your life.

We all have stories conveyed through our character; it’s the themes of the zodiac that bring these narratives to the forefront so you can feel empowered in liberating your drives for creating and enjoying the life you desire.

During your Illuminate Your Self Session, we will discuss:

  • The prominent elements in your natal astrology chart and how they may be interpreting and presenting themselves through your personality.
  • Any major transits in the horoscope that are coming up for you and how to best utilize these planetary movements to forge ahead on a beneficial path.

You will receive:

  • A 60-minute, one-on-one session
  • Audio recording of our session for you to reference
  • Guidance on visualization meditations or rituals to perform to begin integrating your natural abilities into your daily life and decision-making

Price : $90

My session with Trista was enlightening and game-changing.  Even though I consider myself a student of astrology, Trista gave me insight that I’ve never received from personal study.  She took the time to not only explain my chart in great detail, but also went through some important upcoming transits that I would have never known were happening.  She introduced me to a major theme in my chart that explained why I struggle with some particularly frustrating patterns.  I walked away with a lot of clarity and validation for some of my behaviors, which brought instant peace.  The session as a whole was invaluable.

Megan Intfen

Energy Healer

What direction should I take in my life as an entrepreneur?

What are my natural talents?

How can I live a more purposeful life with these talents as my guide?


I have asked these questions all of my life. Thankfully, the insight and information to these questions readily emerge through Astrology and Tarot.

During a Discover Your Purpose session, we’ll examine your natal astrology chart and interpret your custom tarot spread to discover your purpose and identify your strengths as they relate to your business. These clues will help you determine the kind of work you are naturally talented in and how you can best deliver it to set you on the path to prosperity.

Once you’ve gained insight into your soul’s natural and innate purpose, you’ll find that you’re liberated to move forward on your path using divine direction rather than aimless inquisitiveness.

During your Discover Your Purpose Session, we will discuss:

  • Your natural talents derived from your natal astrological chart as it relates to your business and entrepreneurial success.
  • How you can best utilize and apply these talents in your unique contribution to the world.
  • Any major transits in the horoscope that are coming up for you and how to best utilize these planetary movements to forge ahead on a beneficial path.

You will receive:

  • A detailed questionnaire to dive deep and uncover what your inner Self is yearning to communicate with you
  • A 90-minute, one-on-one session
  • Audio recording of our session for you to reference
  • A custom Tarot reading to determine the next steps for the most beneficial outcome as you proceed in your entrepreneurial evolution

Price : $125

Trista listened and sought to help me find the invisible path that was meant for me.  She understands the necessity and power of not doing until one is fully connected and engaged with the truth from one’s inner being. Finally clarity,  focus, and creativity are flowing. In turning away from trying to force myself to be inauthentic, I have discovered how to open the doors to new vistas that are fresh and exciting. What I was asking for has been found: clarity, freedom, focus, power.

Sharyn Warren

Intuitive Guide

divine insight

We will discuss and gain insight into one topic/question and the best steps to take next. Includes an audio recording of our session to reference later.

Price : $50 for half hour 

solar return/annual reading

We will layout 12 cards for each month of the coming year. Excellent for your (or a friend’s) Solar Return (birthday), or anytime you want to look ahead to the next year of your development. Includes audio recording and written rituals/meditations/journal prompts for major months of transition.

Price : $90 for one hour

My Solar Return tarot reading from Trista was instantly uplifting and infused me with hope. A few months afterward, I had a bout of heavy depression that was the shortest cycle ever, and it felt completely different than former times I dealt with feelings of dread. I was so self-aware and cognizant this time of what was happening cosmically and energetically that I was able to step outside of my suffering and heal. This was partly thanks to Trista’s reading style that was gentle, kind, and keenly intuitive. I appreciated the clarity in the delivery of the message in each card with eloquence and confidence. She is the real deal! I felt she genuinely cared and that this wasn’t just a task she was performing with a bunch of generalized statements that could apply to anyone at anytime. She is passionate about this practice, has a comforting energy, and it’s obvious she sincerely cares about people! 

Anna Sirota

Photographer, Anna Sirota Photography


Clarity on your brand vision and the action steps to move forward in a collaborative and supportive environment.


Why use these systems?

Astrology and other personality systems offer a “map” of your psyche and the potentials that are inherent in your character. Becoming aware of these and directing your energy through these channels is a powerful way to acknowledge your reality and manifest a deeply enriching life.

Do I need to “believe” in Astrology and Tarot?

Esoteric systems are not belief systems. They are not based on you believing in an entity or even one way that the Universe operates. They are mirror reflections of your inner world that help guide you through choices that need to be made and directions to choose on your path in life.

How can I get the most out of an Astrology or Tarot session?

You’ll receive the highest value from your session by approaching our time together with an open mind and heart, and also with the knowledge that I’m not a “foreteller” who will deliver a message of your fate. When I give readings, I use astrology to help you navigate and gain a deeper understanding of your natural drives so you can use them to make the most significant impact in your life and work in the world.

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