Grit & Grace is the podcast of author, teacher, and editor of WITCH magazine, Carolyn Elliott and practicing magician and scholar Taia Kepher. Together they “practice and teach a revolutionary, rapid approach to magic in modern life that’s rooted in the ancient magical practice of thaumaturgy – the art of communicating with the personal and collective unconscious in order to generate practical positive change.”

The Grit & Grace podcast needed consistent branding and an online home for Carolyn and Taia to provide an archive of episodes, as well as build an email list following to market their prolific magic and writing courses.

Work completed by Trista: Logo and Brand Design, Website Design and Development


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I was unsure about hiring a designer (I’m a DIY kind of girl) but Trista patiently worked with us to uncover important questions about the project and the brand that later proved crucial to the success of the site and show! She also graciously showed me how to customize the site if I wanted to make any future changes. I’m very happy with the way the Grit & Grace site turned out under Trista’s empathic and intelligent guidance.

Carolyn Elliott

Host, Grit & Grace Podcast