COCORO™ is the vision of Nancy Schlegel that aims to bring a message of self-care and self-love to those that care for and serve others through a philosophy known as The Luxury of Being™. COCORO™ uniquely blends the material with the spiritual with a “Zen Meets Haute Couture” style.

COCORO™ is an ever-evolving, organic entity that focuses on creating resources for those that give so much of themselves through their dedicated work and home life. The brand design needed to be classic, luxurious, and expansive to allow the many products and projects produced under the COCORO™ name to be presented in a sophisticated way as it evolves.


Logo Design

Brand Identity Design

Web Design

There are many moving parts to creating a brand with a strong identity and Trista makes the process not only painless but fun and empowering. I have grown and evolved right alongside COCORO™ and I can attribute that personal and professional growth to my collaboration with Trista. She steps into your vision right alongside you and connects energetically with the evolution of the design and the brand. It is such a pleasure to work alongside a designer with an artistic eye and intuitive sense for design. Trista has personal and professional integrity which is such a rare gift and a true treasure, and I look forward to collaborating and co-creating with her for many more years to come.
— Nancy Schlegel, CEO and Founder, COCORO™