What do the cosmos hold for you in 2018?


The key to this question lies in your natal astrology chart. By discovering how you are fundamentally wired, you’re given the tools to understand why YOU are the most valuable asset on your path and how to live out your destiny in a way that is aligned with your true nature.


I’m giving away 3 half-hour astrology readings where we will:


Decode your unique personality by looking at your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign.

See what major planetary transit will be affecting your life in 2018, and how you can best harness it’s energy!


Welcome, I’m Trista.

A mystic scholar and practitioner who is passionate about helping self-directed people gain more clarity and insight into their purpose.

I explore our multidimensional universe through methods including Astrology, Hermeticism, Eastern philosophy, and other forms of consciousness expansion to help facilitate others’ transformation.

My aim with this giveaway is to share this information with those who could benefit from it. A reading with me could result in a newfound validation for who you are, insight into the patterns that play themselves out in your behavior, and a deeper resonance with your inner workings.

And who couldn’t use a little more confidence for the new year?

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