This is for the visionary entrepreneur who…


…is on a path of unfolding through the unique business they are building…

…knows the value of personal transformation in the work they do and the service they provide for others…

…finds themselves at a crossroads with their business ideas, the steps forward not quite clear…

…understands that their vision is bigger than they are, and yearns to uncover how their soul is guiding them on this journey… 



Alchemical Synergy Sessions


We are building spiritual businesses that blend our past experience with how we want to serve the new paradigm. You may find yourself in a place with so many ideas and not sure how to fuse them together into a cohesive presentation of your gifts.⠀

Alchemical Synergy is my signature offering that blends service-based business strategy with Astrological techniques that point to your innate strengths as an entrepreneur.

My background in online business as a web and brand designer coupled with ancient Astrological techniques can help you gain structure and clarity around the vision for your new livelihood in a collaborative environment.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

An Alchemical Synergy session is a great way to share the raw matter of your ideas, have the best parts mirrored back to you, and crystallize your next action steps to move forward into a prosperous future.

The new paradigm needs the work only you can do.


Example Topics We Can Discuss:


Establish your brand direction and message.

How to package your natural skills into irresistible service offerings.

Conceptualize your brand vision and clarify the language you use to communicate what you offer.

Customized design and layout suggestions for your website and online presence.

Brainstorm ways to deliver your expertise through content, online presence, and in-person connections.

Determine who you want to serve, and how you can best deliver your mission to them.

Any topics you feel stuck on or energetic blocks that keep you from moving forward. 

Magical people often struggle with being seen, accepted, and understood. Trista is exceptionally gifted at seeing and bringing out the very best in others, and creating a safe space to express this fully. As a designer and creatress she not only sees your vision clearly, she co-creates magic with you to make it even more powerful. Trista is an absolute joy to work with and has a special way of translating big ideas and dreams into big magic.
— Sarah Bieda, Consulting Sorceress to Visionary Humans

You Will Receive:

  • 90-minute session via Skype

  • Audio recording of our session

  • Questionnaire to start organizing your ideas and gain clarity around your vision before our session

  • Astrology reading focused on identifying your greatest strengths and direction as an entrepreneur

  • Guidance, resources, and tangible action steps that clarify your path forward

Your Investment for Alchemical Synergy:


Epiphanies Guaranteed


About Trista

Trista is a practicing mystic and creative entrepreneur with 6 years experience in the online business world as a brand designer, web developer, and business mentor.

She fuses esoteric modalities with pragmatic design and business guidance from an integrative point of view for spiritual entrepreneurs who don’t compromise the mystic side of themselves online. She works with others who are building a livelihood from their life’s purpose and a place of personal sovereignty.

Trista is like a breath of fresh air. In the midst of my busy life I didn’t realize how much I needed someone to support me as I navigate the process of growth. She opened up some important unexplored territory in my plans for my business. Since meeting with Trista I have surged ahead in my vision for my practice. Before I was feeling stuck, and after our session I was suddenly much more motivated and ambitious. I would recommend her to everyone I know who is starting up a business or trying to move forward on a vision. The best part is that I now feel empowered in a whole new way.
— Deborah Norton, Astrologer

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Clarity on your vision and purpose awaits. Epiphanies guaranteed.