Balance your internal world using elemental magic.

Bring your gifts of service to humanity.


The patterning for everything that exists in our world is found in the elemental formula of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and finally Spirit, which activates and encompasses them all.

The Above and Below Pathway will guide you through a process that balances the elemental principles within you so you can build a livelihood based on your innate purpose. We all have something to contribute to this new society, and I’ve designed this pathway as both esoteric exploration and practical application to bring these to the forefront.


Integrating your spiritual path with right livelihood is a sacred practice.


We live in a magical time of possibilities where the old systems are transforming and making way for better understanding of ourselves on a metaphysical level. This gives us the opportunity to discover our soul’s purpose for this life and how we can best be of service to our Self and others as we build a new paradigm.

The challenge comes when we try to translate these skills and passions into the digital format online. We get hung up on how to present our creative and spiritual services to others in a way that communicates our mission, connects on an emotional level, and makes it easy to work with us.


You will receive:

  • 5 element-themed lessons (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit)

  • Practices to get you in touch with the essence of each element

  • In-depth questions to bring clarity to each part of your business

  • Exercises to create the tangible elements of your online presence

You walk away with:

  • Signature service(s) based on your unique gifts that no one else is offering.

  • Mood board and color palette that speaks to your clients on a soul level.

  • Action steps for sharing your work with others with confidence and courage.

  • Copy ideas and the words to communicate your brand to others across all marketing channels.

  • Template for creating your online presence based on all you’ve uncovered.

Price: $0

This course is complementary, my gift to you.