Balance your internal world using elemental magic.

Bring your gifts of service to humanity.


The Above & Below Pathway is a process for cultivating the elemental principles within so you can build a livelihood based on your aligned purpose without. It is designed as an esoteric exploration using your innate guidance system to bring these to the forefront of your consciousness.

This is for the spiritual entrepreneurs and visionaries who are contributing their unique gifts to a new society.

The patterning for everything that exists in our world is found in the elemental formula of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and finally Spirit, which activates and encompasses them all. Balancing these elements within is how you bring forth what is wanting to naturally be expressed through you.


This kind of authentic being is how we co-create a new paradigm, together. If each of us navigates our lives with our inner authority, it in turn benefits the collective evolution of humankind.