You believe you’re here for a greater purpose, one that you were born with.

You know there’s more to creating a blend of work and life than what society at large tells us.

You feel the greater depths of your creativity when you work on achieving higher levels of consciousness.

I’m right there with you.

Welcome, I’m Trista, a digital designer, and mystic scholar.

Motivated. Conscious. Innovative.

Like you, I’m open to and intrigued by new frameworks and methodologies; I believe that our life’s purpose and passion are divinely intertwined, and I practice the pursuit of my purpose by first, reflecting inward.

Through that process, I’ve created integrative experiences for discovering your purpose, illuminating your inner Self, and showcasing them through clean, modern, and elegant design.

As a designer,

I recognize, cultivate, and create beauty through digital storytelling and my elemental brand design process, which results in a bespoke visual experience for your business that is both aligned with your message and gives you the platform to continue your entrepreneurial evolution.

As a metaphysical scholar and practitioner,

I explore our multidimensional universe through methods including Astrology, Hermeticism, Eastern philosophy, Magical Practice and many other forms of consciousness expansion to help facilitate your transformation through Discovering Your Purpose and Illuminating Your Self. 

And through both of these areas, I’ve channeled my innate skills to be an agent of change for entrepreneurs like you who desire to live with a deep sense of purpose and make their most treasured work and pursuits, their livelihood.

Click here to see the ways we can work together to illuminate your inner Self, and here to make your brand flourish.

To go deeper into my thoughts on the current shift in the work/life paradigm and how that weaves together with the work you’re putting forth into the world, click to listen to my podcast, Liberate Your Self.