It is my purpose to nurture and facilitate the growth of benevolent souls on their paths of unfolding.


I’m an astrologer and mystic who follows the Hermetic tradition and other esoteric practices to create transformational experiences for my audience and clients. My aim is to unearth the essence of their inner world and create a self-directed life based on sovereignty and inner-knowing.

I can usually be found exploring landscapes both within and without to create new ways of helping us progress as a society and grow as a galactic community.

One by one, we are creating a new way of living based in unity consciousness, and the true potential of the human collective.


We're in this together.


Innovative. Conscious. Nurturing.

The mystic path is hard-wired in me. I have always felt that things needed to shift or were going to shift in our society. I feel a calling to direct my energy towards our collective evolution and uplift those that have felt broken, wrong, or unworthy in their development.


From an early age I set out on a mission to create the landscape of my life on my own terms, following my intuition instead of the prevailing narrative.

I provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for my clients and podcast guests where high-conscious and multi-dimensional thinking is always accepted. Together we co-create an open atmosphere for exploring innovative ideas for building a new paradigm, together.

The core of my work is in relationships, and my aim is to give the world a creative hub of inspiration and connection for all of us doing this intense and deep work to transform ourselves and serve others in the process. Helping others one-by-one align with their true nature and be absolutely honest in their approach to life is a huge part of my own service to humanity.

The common thread through my eclectic professional life has always been to bring order and harmony to an often chaotic world. I attribute this to my pileup of Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Libra directly on my Ascendant! Throw in a Sun and Mercury in Pisces with my Capricorn moon and you’ve got a recipe for a pragmatic mystic who’s ready to build a new way of living based on sovereignty and right action.

Welcome to the Revolution. I’m so thrilled you’re here.

We can connect and collaborate in the following ways.

With the Liberate Your Self Podcast,

I give a platform for benevolent beings to share their experiences and methods for transformation and cultivating personal sovereignty. There is no one right way or formula for doing this, so I hold space for them to share and listeners can take what information resonates and hopefully helps them on their own path of unfolding.

With Astrology Readings,

I help you gain a sense of clarity in navigating this new terrain based on your own inner authority. Astrology has provided me a wealth of understanding and the ability to have a closer relationship with my Higher Self. I feel it is part of my purpose to help illuminate this for you.