47ROKami is the brand of Ioanna Christadoulou, a luxury origami artisan and therapeutic origami instructor. By teaching and practicing this ancient artform, she guides people to “unfold” themselves into their greater purpose and a lighter state of being.  Ioanna is a native of Greece where the citizens are going through challenging economic times, and she vows to help people heal and empower themselves through the beauty and zen simplicity of paper arts.

She was in need of a unique brand that was ethereal, enchanting, and delicate. We collaborated on a logo that is light of touch and also elegantly modern in presentation. The result is a whimsical representation of her work to be used for all marketing materials across print or web.


Logo Design

Business Card Design

Trista is a person of integrity, sensitivity and joy! The moment I read her manifesto, I knew we would be totally aligned in our collaboration. The carefully chosen questions from her Brand Planner surpassed my expectations because she sent me on a trip of searching myself and answering many whys before we proceeded with the practicalities. This helped me not only with my logo design but with my next steps of writing my Healing Origami method.

I would recommend Trista to anyone who needs to do some serious work with the “Self” in order to make a beautiful brand and website because who we are is reflected into what we do!
— Ioanna Christodoulou, Founder, 47ROKami