Creating a new paradigm through self-awareness.


The world is transforming rapidly, giving us the perfect opportunity to create a new way of being that is based on divine love and cosmic collaboration.


You envision a life of freedom and sovereignty by living in alignment with your highest purpose.

You feel a calling deep within to contribute to our collective evolution for the good of all.

You value integrity through unity consciousness, and aim to navigate your life with a sense of ease and certainty in your intentions.


I’m right there with you.



Welcome, I'm Trista

Innovative. Conscious. Nurturing.

Like you, I’m open to and intrigued by new frameworks and methodologies of higher consciousness. I believe my purpose is to facilitate the growth of this new world by collaborating with you on your path of spiritual unfolding.

Through my own mystic path and inner work, I’ve created enriching experiences for uncovering your Truth using the ancient art of Astrology. I also hold space on my podcast as a platform for others to share their experiences of cultivating personal sovereignty in these transitional times.


A podcast about personal sovereignty in transitional times.


The systems and institutions in our society are breaking down and changing rapidly, leaving us with the need to cultivate discernment, character, and direction according to our own True Will. This won’t come from an outside agency, and relies on us becoming our own authority as we navigate and co-create this new paradigm together.

The Liberate Your Self podcast is where those of us that are on a path of self-discovery and personal sovereignty share our experiences of unfolding through esoteric philosophy, consciousness expansion, metaphysics, astrology, occult principles, and mystical practice.

The aim is that you can take away the pieces that resonate with you and integrate them on your own journey of unfolding.

This is a meeting place for visionaries to connect and compare notes in this great eon change.