Welcome to the new paradigm.


The world is transforming rapidly, giving us the perfect opportunity to create a new way of being and working that is based on divine love and cosmic collaboration.


You envision a life of freedom and sovereignty through sharing your inherent gifts with the world.

You feel a calling deep within to follow your path of purpose and think BIG with your ideas.

You are blending your past experiences with your new direction to create a business model that doesn't exist yet.


I’m right there with you.



Welcome, I'm Trista

Innovative. Conscious. Nurturing.

Like you, I’m open to and intrigued by new frameworks and methodologies of higher consciousness. I believe my purpose is to facilitate the growth of this new world by collaborating with YOU on discovering and creating your unique livelihood online.

Through my own mystic path and inner work, I’ve created integrative experiences for discovering your purpose and showcasing this through clean, modern, and elegant digital design.


How we can collaborate


The Liberate Your Self Podcast

A podcast about personal sovereignty and building a new world in these transitional times. Join us as we share our own journeys of self-unfolding through esoteric philosophy, consciousness expansion, metaphysics, astrology, psychology, occult principles and mystical practice to create the new paradigm.